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Client Testimonials

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"Definitely got a larger refund with your knowledge than I was getting quoted through online programs! Well, well worth it!"        ~Dr. Cara Sylvester 

"We have being using Mountain Tax for the past three years and they have been incredible.  This year we needed my return completed quickly and they were able to use scans of my tax documents and have everything completed within a day! They are very knowledgeable, flexible, and personable.  Taxes are a headache… but the past three years have been painless thanks to Mountain Tax.  We would recommend them to anyone looking for a good preparing service."                      ~ The Nure Family

"I always used an online tax tool.  Then I went to Mountain Tax Professionals.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  I had a particularly difficult tax situation, and they were patient and thorough.  They were caring enough to genuinely want to help.  Not only did I get more money back, but they helped me strategize for next year--that's something you just can't do online."        - Dr. Amelia Fystrom

"We always did our own taxes, but after having our first child and opening our business--things got complicated quick.  Being able to rely on Mountain Tax has been such a blessing--and we are happy we don't have to sit for hours and do our taxes anymore!"                                                                                   The Preston Family

"You'll rave about us next year;

  we're THAT good."

                            ~You, 2024

In a word: wow!  They did a great job and put up with our un-organized mess (we gave Ostin a shoebox, literally).                                           Had it done in a day!                                                          ~David J.  

"You taught me about how taxes really worked, and saved us a lot of money!"                                ~Tim Stevenson

"Our taxes were completely done a few hours after we sent them!"     ~Dave Anderson

They make taxes easy, and have saved our family time and money.

                                        Daniel Jones

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