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Cost reflects the complexity of service. Most federal returns are $175-375, and state/ locality filings $55-185.

We also provide tax consulting for those who file on thier own addressing specific questions at $100 per hour or fraction of hour.
At Mountain Tax Services, we professionally prepare quick filing of your returns with powerful tax software.  We provide expertly-crafted returns and are experienced in a wide range of tax advice situations, including:
  • Multi-State Filings (Cross-credits, experience in33 total states and D.C.)
  • Business/Self-Employment (LLC/Partnership/Sole Proprietor) Schedule C Filings (income, expenses, depreciation, capitalization,etc.)
  • S-Corp and Corporate Form 1120 and Schedule K1 Filings
  • Farm, Ranch, and Seasonal Business Expertise
  • Rental and Investment Income, Real Estate Gain/Loss
  • Capital Gain, Stock Sales, and Dividend Filings
  • Itemized Deductions (including home ownership, charity giving, home business use, medical expenses, state taxes, real estate, etc)
  • Education Credits, 529 Plans, and Student Loan (including MFS filings)
  • Retirement and Pension Income and Social Security offsets
  • Child Tax Credits and Child/Dependent Care Credits
  • Health Insurance (Net Premium) Credits and Deductions
  • Non-profit and tax-exempt Form 990 Filings
  • Expat and Foreign Taxes, and Military/Veteran Issues
  • and many more tax situations

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